Yoga, a world away: a 5-day detox in Goa

It's October, and your summer vacation feels long gone... Luckily there are places around the world where it's warm, and the sun is always shining. Goa, on the south-west coast of India is one of these paradises. How about going there on a yoga retreat?

Detox in Goa

The climate is not the only reason that visitors love Goa. Its rich spiritual history, forest-covered landscapes and waterfalls make it a unique region. A feeling of inner peace washes over you wherever you go.

On the beach, by the pool or in a tropical garden, the yoga classes all take place in idyllic locations. Breathe in the fragrance of the frangipani tree and listen to the birds sing while perfecting your poses in the shade of a palm tree. Tranquility reigns supreme. Once class is over, treat yourself to an ayurvedic massage, known for its calming effects. Reserve a massage whenever and wherever (in your hotel room, on the water's edge...) you feel like it.

The benefits of yoga

Triangle, Cobra and Candle are just a few of the yoga poses that help improve the body's ability to eliminate toxins. A calming activity that stimulates blood circulation, yoga relaxes the entire body while gently working your muscles. Through meditation and physical exercise, yoga promotes both psychological and spiritual well-being.

The peaceful paradise of Goa is waiting for you...

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