World cultures: mascara

Europe: essential

In Europe, mascara represents 50% of the eye makeup market, and 15% of all makeup products. In this part of the world, women are after more voluminous lashes. In France, women say they have three beauty essentials: perfume, lipstick and mascara. The French beauty secret has been revealed!

Asia: XXL

In Japan, just like in Europe, women spend a lot of time on the appearance of their eyes. Their lashes, naturally stiff but not very thick, make it difficult to get the look they want: long lashes, just like their favorite manga characters. Mascaras in Asia have adapted to this, and contain specific formulae. Women can also choose the popular false lash option: giving them reusable and removable maximum volume.

United States: innovation

Invention is at the heart of the beauty industry for Americans. In the States, cutting edge makeup products are the most popular. Most women want to look perfect and hide the ageing process, a desire that extends to the tips of their lashes! American women particularly appreciate mascaras which boost lash growth, for long lashes even without makeup.

Latin America: not as important

Further south, in Brazil, eye makeup is not considered a priority. Makeup fans prefer to focus on their lips and nails. They always wear nail varnish, usually in bright colors, to complement their natural tanned skin. Few women wear mascara, although it is now becoming more popular.

The common point between most of these women is the importance they give to their makeup, in particular their mascara ! Even if ways of using makeup differ between continents, the goal still remains the same: beautiful-looking eyes.

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