Winter holidays: my well-being trip to the mountains

Far away from the stresses of urban life, the mountains are the ideal place to re-energize. There is a wide range of options, either sports- or relaxation-based, to be found in their picturesque, calming surroundings.

Practice your winter sports skills

From downhill or cross-country skiing to snow-shoe walks, sledging or dog-sledding, choose the sport that suits you the best! Ski fans should head to the slopes for an adrenaline boost, but if it's not your thing, the forests and rivers are waiting for you! Regardless of what option you choose, you won't be able to escape the stunning scenery of the mountains. However, don't forget to apply your Premium UV sunscreen every two hours, especially on areas of your face that are particularly exposed to the sun, such as the nose and ears.

Swim in an outdoor pool

Swim and admire the beautiful scenery at the same time. This is what an outdoor pool can offer you - normally heated to around 28°. For even more comfort, the entrance to the pool is usually accessed from an indoor section. Swimming from the warm into the cold, all while staying the same temperature, is both relaxing and enjoyable. After your swim, don't forget to rehydrate with a soothing tea.

Detox in the sauna

The high temperature of the sauna encourages your pores to open and rid themselves of any toxins or impurities. But the sauna also offers anti-stress qualities, relaxes the body and mind, and soothes aches, tension and mental fatigue. A visit to the sauna is a great way to revitalize. Another benefit: it helps keeps skin firm.

A visit to the mountains is a breath of fresh air, relaxation and rest. Perfect to get yourself back on top form!

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