What makeup remover should I use for my skin?

Part of your evening beauty routine, makeup remover eliminates impurities, excess serum and daily pollution residue left on your skin as a result of an urban life. Take the opportunity to listen to your skin's needs with tailored skincare products, the base for a rejuvenated and luminous epidermis.

Purifying skincare for combination skin

Combination skin suffers from imbalance. The medial section (forehead, nose, chin) have a tendency to become shiny, whereas the cheeks and temple area can dry out. The T-zone area therefore needs purifying, and the rest of the face should be hydrated. Remove the makeup from your skin with the cleansing mousse Prodigy Cleanser . Its micro-bubbles capture dirt and remove makeup. Free from impurities, you skin will feel renewed. Emulsify a pea-sized amount of product with water in the palm of your hand. Then, apply your cleanser over your neck and face. Massage with the tips of the fingers using circular movements. Finally, rinse with cold water to tighten your pores.

A soft cleanser for normal skin

With its balanced texture, uniform complexion and matte appearance, normal skin has the full package. The water and sebum present in the cutaneous tissue are in perfect harmony. However, normal skin can react to external elements and become dry. To retain its level of hydration, opt for the cleanser Pure Ritual Care-In-Foam . This ingenious product combines the softness of a cream with the efficacy of soap. Lather the cream in the palm of your hand. Massage your face delicately while avoiding the eye area. Lastly, rinse with tepid water.

Rich texture for dry skin

Due to a lipid deficiency, dry skin lacks luster and feels uncomfortable, hence the importance of pampering it with rich textures. Remove your makeup with the Pure Ritual Care-In-Milk . Rich in glycolic acid, it wraps around your epidermis like a gentle veil. Apply the milk to your face and eye area using circular movements, then remove with a cotton pad.

These makeup removal techniques will purify your skin, whether it be combination, normal or dry, giving it a radiant glow.

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