What evening makeup for suntanned skin

Now that summer has arrived, and your skin has picked up some color, it's time to change your make-up routine. When you've got a healthy, sunkissed glow, you can play on transparency and more subtle shades. Now's the time to try an iridescent make-up look in pastel tones!

The natural effect

Go for a natural make-up look right from the start of summer. Bring out your skin's radiance using nude shades and as few make-up tricks as possible. A perfect beauty look can be achieved by choosing the right skincare. Before applying your make-up, remember to remove any signs of tiredness from your face.

Use the Prodigy Powercell Eye Urgency treatment for instant smoothing, and the immediate reduction of dark circles before you apply your eyeshadow. A natural make-up look also requires perfectly-groomed brows. The gel texture of the Eyebrow Powder Gel transforms into a fine, ultra-natural powder for beautiful brows in an instant.

Pastel colors

Having sunkissed skin means you don't have to use foundation over the summer. If you'd prefer to wear a base, opt for the extra-light Prodigy Powercell Foundation , but if not, all you need is a touch of color to enhance your healthy glow. For a natural-looking blush, choose a rose shade of lipstick, such as the 002 or 003 from the Wanted Rouge collection , and apply to your cheeks using your fingertips.

For your eyes, opt for a metallic or iridescent eyeshadow.Tap it gently onto your eyelid for a subtle, pretty effect. The only thing you need to load up on is your mascara - the all-important last touch to really show off your eyes and emphasize their intensity!

Finish your look with a sweep of clear light lip gloss. A glowing makeup look for summer is a must-do. Stay natural, that's what looks best in the sunshine!

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