Waterproof mascara: Why and how to use it

Waterproof mascara is your best makeup friend in summer! Whether or not you're an Olympic swimmer, it'll be by your side in case of hot weather or when you're splashing around like a water nymph. Don't forget to include it in your summer makeup bag...

Specific active ingredients: waxes and Panthenol

Helena Rubinstein formulated the first waterproof mascara in 1939 in order to give women even more freedom. Thanks to this technological breakthrough, they no longer had to worry about the resistance of their mascara! The undisputed queen of marketing, Helena Rubinstein celebrated the launch by applying her mascara to a famous group of synchronized swimmers. Since then, its success has not waivered and, today, waterproof mascara is produced by all of the large cosmetics companies.

The waterproof mascara formula developed by Madame allowed women to keep their lashes long and intense, regardless of exterior conditions. It was a true revolution. In order to ensure long-lasting makeup, Helena Rubinstein's waterproof mascaras - such as Lash Queen Feline Blacks - contain "soft" waxes. Beeswax, paraffin and carnauba guarantee the efficient distribution of mascara on the lash as well as long-lasting hold. Panthenol was chosen for its abilities to protect and reinforce the fiber.

Contrary to popular opinion, waterproof mascara doesn't solidify, nor does it damage the cells. Lashes remain supple and silky all day long, for a captivating look.

Regular application

Whether your mascara is waterproof or not, it is applied in the same way. Start from the roots of the lashes and pull the brush upwards all the way to the tips. This technique allows for the equal distribution of mascara. The difference between regular and waterproof mascara is in their texture: the latter is less creamy, which you may notice the first time you use it. With a bit of practice, however, it will become one of your key makeup products.

Gentle makeup removal

Removing waterproof mascara requires a specific, oil-based product. Opt for All Mascaras, the famous makeup remover by Helena Rubinstein . It easily and efficiently removes all types of makeup. For the best results, let the mascara dissolve onto a cotton pad before sliding it over your eye, without rubbing. Be sure to hold down the sensitive skin around the eye to avoid damaging its fragile contour - this helps prevent against signs of premature aging around the eyes.

The advantages of waterproof mascara are no longer in doubt. Use it when you go swimming even if you have sensitive eyes. On a day-to-day basis, arm yourself with the Lash Queen Feline Blacks mascara for extra volume and a captivating gaze.

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