Vogue Mexico and Helena Rubinstein celebrate prodigious women

On April 24 this year, Helena Rubinstein organized an exclusive event to honor eleven 'Prodigious Women' and their achievements. A chance to celebrate these women with inspiring career paths and to congratulate each one of them on their success. All were very different individuals, but just as inspirational as one another.

Extraordinary women

Chosen using a strict criteria, these 'Prodigious Women' all decided to choose a unique career path that is out of the ordinary. Each has a singular, yet exemplary, career choice. One a managing director of a business that supports female entrepreneurs in Mexico, another a chef, a TV presenter and a member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences, to name but a few.

The Vogue Mexico & Latin America and Helena Rubinstein partnership

On its 15th birthday, Vogue Mexico decided to support Helena Rubinstein's ambitious project: create a 'Prodigious Women' event in the heart of Mexico. On April 24 this year, eleven were selected and commended for their inspiring success stories. Much like Helena Rubinstein herself, they are visionaries, pioneers in their field and ahead of their time. The Helena Rubinstein brand is now building strong relationships with each of these women.

The event received high media coverage from some of Mexico's most respected publications. All of Mexico will have by now heard about these great women. International director at Helena Rubinstein, Elizabeth Sandager, stated 'beauty can be a true source of power for women'. Hopefully, more 'Prodigious Women' from around the globe will be emerging in the near future.

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