Vitamin C: an essential ingredient for beautiful skin

Antioxidant, light-restorer and cell regenerator, vitamin C has no end to its beneficial properties. The super-powerful molecule is at the heart of Force C, the first skincare product featuring pure vitamin C, released in 1995. Now, in 2015, the long-awaited Force C is back!

A powerful molecule

This year, the Helena Rubinstein brand takes another step forward in cosmetic breakthroughs with the revival of Force C in a new, improved formula. Composed of 10% pure vitamin C, an extremely powerful molecule, but one that's difficult to stabilize due to its fragility, Force C is the culmination of 20 years of vitamin C research in the Helena Rubinstein laboratories. The skin's best defense, it provides firmness and radiance.

Known for its healing and collagen-activating properties, as well as its ability to defend against free radicals, vitamin C brings light to the skin's texture to fight against cutaneous aging.

Epidermal intensity

A true beauty molecule, vitamin C boosts cutaneous density for incomparable results. Force C's 2015 formula combines three types of vitamin C to keep the molecule 100% active all day long, whatever your age or skin type. Skin stays firm and radiant from morning to evening. Halfway between a serum and a cream, it represents a new step for younger-looking and more beautiful skin.

Right from Day 1, your skin is nourished and comforted. Smoother and softer to the touch, it is hydrated and quenched. After one month of usage, Force C brings even more light and glow to your skin, also re-enforcing the efficiency of other active ingredients. During application, the 'booster' lightly warms the skin, facilitating absorption during your beauty routine.

The Helena Rubinstein brand is going even further in its quest made famous by Madame's mantra, "Science at Beauty's service", with the development of the formidably-powerful Force C.

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