Achieve flawless skin with Helena Rubinstein makeup

Day to day life can take its toll on our skin. From blemishes to dark spots and signs of tiredness, a hectic lifestyle can lead to many imperfections appearing on the skin’s surface. Helena Rubinstein is here to help with advice on how to find perfect, natural makeup to create a flawless complexion that is easy to apply every day.


Hide the appearance of imperfections such as dark spots or pigmentation irregularities by using a Re-Plasty Laserist Spot Corrector pen. This tinted dark-spot concentrate has taken inspiration from aesthetic medicine and replicates the results of laser eye surgery. It targets dark spots located on the face and hands to illuminate the skin and hide any irregularities. Day after day, imperfections fade away and skin appears more radiant. Use it before the rest of your makeup, applying it to any area that need a helping hand.


Foundation instantly improves the appearance of blemished skin, giving it a more uniform appearance. For a natural and flawless looking complexion, apply Color Clone Pressed Powder. Sweep it all over the face with a makeup sponge to conceal blemishes and imperfections whilst providing your skin with a naturally even-looking complexion, complete with a velvety finish.


Uneven skin tones or skin with imperfections often need extra help to achieve a healthy-looking, radiant glow. The eye contour is one of these areas, and can be lifted with the aid of an eye illuminator. Opt for Prodigy Liquid Light Eye Opener to reduce signs of tiredness and leave the skin around the eye with a fresh appearance. Skin instantly appears more radiant and refreshed.

It’s important to remember that our skin reflects what’s going on inside our bodies.  If your hectic life isn’t about to slow down any time soon, the above tips are sure to improve your skin and leave it looking both fresh and radiant. Don’t forget, eating healthily and exercising daily are also key to beautiful skin!


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