True or false: I can apply my serum at any moment during my beauty routine

Caroline, the Retail Education Director at Helena Rubinstein, takes a look at the indispensable beauty tool that is serum. Can it be applied at any moment of a beauty routine? Here's what she had to say...

Use serum correctly

Wrong! Serum must be applied before your day cream and after your face is completely cleansed. Its intensely concentrated formula give your skin all the active ingredients it needs to glow. It is essential to apply serum before your day cream in order to enhance the benefits and better penetrate the skin. This way, your day cream provides comfort and maximum nutrition to the skin.

Serum benefits

When applied every day, serum boosts your skin's radiance. Designed for women who want a fresh-faced complexion, it helps reduce the appearance of epidermal imperfections, such as acne scars, dehydration or even signs of aging, by penetrating through the cutaneous barrier to reach the heart of the cells. The concentrated formula also means you only have to use a few drops on your face.

Choose a serum from the same range as your day cream, so that the two work in harmony and re-enforce each other's effects. Give your skin a new lease of life and boost its glow by respecting the different stages of your beauty routine.

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