True or false: dry skin develops fine lines more easily than oily skin

It's true! Dry skin develops fine lines more easily than oily skin. Why? The lack of lipids, mostly. Caroline, Director of Retail Education at Helena Rubinstein, explains...

Differences between skin types

All complexions, whether they be combination, dry or oily, need hydration. The excess of sebum that the majority of women suffer from (that makes the skin shiny) nevertheless has an important role. It acts as a protective barrier: its hydrolipid film keeps the water inside the cutaneous cells. Characterized by a lack of sebum, dry skin suffers from considerable dehydration, which is why it is fragile and has a more obvious reaction to changes in temperature or pollution.

Caroline's advice

A lack of sebum causes the apparition of expression lines on the face. These tend to gradually deepen into wrinkles if specialized skincare is not used regularly. Dry skin can feel uncomfortable, and so needs comforting textures which soothe and comfort, while also erasing marks of dryness and lines on the skin. Every day, opt for the Hydra Collagenist Dry Skin Day Cream to instantly hydrate and smooth away signs of aging.

Finding out what type of skin you have is essential in order to find the right product to slow the effects of aging.

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