Three post-vacation tips to get back into the swing of things

A well-planned post-vacation period is a positive post-vacation period! Make sure it all goes smoothly by taking care of yourself: your body, face, diet, figure... you should take into consideration all the different aspects of your life. Here are three tips to get through the post-vacation period, and stay beautiful all through September!

Find the sport that suits you

Regardless of the activity, focus on finding one that matches your availability and interests. Some women like to unwind through an intense workout, such as running, while others prefer the calmer nature of yoga. The most important thing isn't the sport you're doing, but the time you spend doing it. Twice or three times a week, put aside some time for yourself and throw your energy into whatever activity you choose.

Choose the right skincare products

Your body and face need hydration, both in winter and summer. Take a moment to identify your skin type in order to find the right daily moisturizer. A dry epidermis is not treated in the same way as an oil-prone one. Once you've figured out your skin type, use a moisturizing product adapted to your specific needs: firmness, wrinkles or fine lines, blemishes etc. For a mesmerizing complexion, moisturize regularly, regardless of the season.

Eat healthily

In summer it's easier to eat fruit and vegetables. Warmer weather and vacations encourage people to prepare balanced meals. Keep it up after the holidays! September is the start of the grape season, so take advantage of this and start a light detox. No matter what color, grapes are full of vitamins, iron and magnesium. An extra benefit: they contain polyphenol, which is great for the skin!

The summer vacation gives you the chance to relax. Ease back into your normal routine by maintaining as many of your holiday habits as possible!

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