Three exotic skincare products for flawless skin

From Brazilian beaches to Siberian glaciers and the North African desert, these three skincare techniques will give you radiant skin every day!

A North-African loofah for natural exfoliation

Economical and ecological, a loofah from the Maghreb allows you to scrub away dead skin. A cousin of the cucumber and zucchini, it's the fruit of a climbing plant that ripens in spring. Those with green fingers can plant it themselves, let it dry, empty its seeds, and make their own sponges! Don't forget to rehydrate it before use. Otherwise, you can easily purchase a loofah at a specialist store.

What are the benefits? The loofah has effective exfoliating capacities, but remains gentle on your skin. The interior is soft like a sponge, whereas the exterior is rougher-textured, which is why it is recommended to cut it up in order to use both parts.

How is it used? Use the interior section to wash yourself, and the exterior part to exfoliate your skin. The scrub side should be used sparingly - twice a week maximum.

Deep-cleansing black Siberian soap

Formulated using activated carbon from Siberian birch wood, this soap purifies your skin deep down. Described as the "Great North mixture" it is also made from oils, herb extracts and locally-grown wild fruit from deepest Siberia.

What are the benefits? With its cleansing, anti-oxidant, hydrating and softening properties, black Siberian soap has more than enough qualities!

How is it used? After exfoliating, apply the black soap onto the zones of your body that you want to cleanse. The skin will be shed of all impurities and left especially soft.

Brazilian Cupuaçu butter to hydrate

The Cupuaçu is a tropical, seed-producing tree. When cold-pressed, these seeds form a thick butter with a high content level of healthy fatty acids. This rich butter is sometimes even used in the fabrication of white chocolate!

What are the benefits? Cupuaçu butter is incredibly nourishing and hydrating for the skin. Thanks to this magic ingredient, your skin will regain a soft and firm texture. What's more, women with frizzy and/or dry hair can use it for a dose of intensely smoothing moisture.

How is it used? Cupuaçu is often integrated into skincare products, but can equally be used on its own. Less greasy than shea butter, it is an excellent weapon against epidermal dehydration, giving you healthy skin and long-lasting softness.

Try these exotic skincare products every day to stimulate your senses!

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