Three beauty rituals for spring

A new season requires a change in your beauty routine. With spring comes an increase in temperature and the appearance of the sun, for which your skin and hair aren't always ready. Be prepared for Spring 2015 with these three essential beauty rituals.

Exfoliate your body

In winter, the corneal layer of your skin thickens due to the slight reduction in cellular renewal. Dead skin cells build up and need to be scrubbed away through exfoliation. You need a beauty product to smooth those rough patches. Start by applying your exfoliator onto clean skin. Continue by gradually massaging the exfoliator into the skin, then rinse away. When finished, the epidermis is ready for masks and hydrating cream treatments, leaving your body re-energized. Opt for a humectant-based body lotion (such as glycerol) combined with lipids to reduce moisture loss.

Protect your face

Just as with your body, you need to wake up your complexion by eliminating the toxins that have built up on your skin. The key word is hydration. In winter the skin is thicker, sensitive to the cold and lethargic, so it needs special care for springtime. Choose a moisturizing cream suited to your skin type in order to stimulate the cells and re-enforce the effects with a day serum such as Powercell. Its concentrated active formula penetrates and revitalizes the epidermis. For your daily skincare routine, use products with SPF to protect from UV rays, such as the Golden Youth range. Your skin hasn't seen sunshine for months, it needs support!

Stimulate your scalp

Seasonal changes can cause loss of hair. It is often barely noticeable, but can be prevented. Brush your hair morning and evening to remove impurities which could damage your hair and cause it to fall out. Alongside brushing, massage your scalp using circular movements across your head, pushing down on the scalp without rubbing. Choosing a shampoo adapted to your hair type will give you the best results: for hair that's healthier and protected against harmful external factors.

Your body, face and hair need to be prepared for the coming season. They'll need looking after the moment the sun comes out!

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