This season's must-have makeup: the smoky eye

A smoky eye makeup look is ideal for drawing attention to your eyes, thanks to the blending around the lid area. Stéphanie Peirelle-Hervé, our expert makeup artist, explains the steps to a perfect smoky eye, as well as how to avoid the "panda effect"!

Choose your desired shade

Start by applying the Powercell Eye Contour cream on the area around your eyes, up to the brow bone. This will smooth and soothe the contours of the eye for better makeup application. Next, decide on the color of your smoky eye, as well as the intensity. The most popular shade is taupe grey, a color you can build up for medium intensity.

Working with an eye crayon

Use the eye crayon on the outer corner of the eye. Start your line halfway across the lid, and trace a thick line towards the exterior corner of the eye. Next, use your crayon to outline the upper and lower lashes, making sure that the width of the line is thicker towards the outer lashes. Take a brush or your fingertip and blend the crayon into your lid, keeping the intensity of the color on the outer side of the eye.

Applying eyeshadow

Apply the darker shade of the Wanted Duo 55 from the outer lid towards the inner corner, slightly overlapping the line of the crayon. The eyeshadow blurs the crayon even more, before fixing it in place. This creates the truly "smoky" aspect to the smoky eye. According to your personal preference, build up the amount of eyeshadow, and its distance from the crayon line.

Create a transition

The last step of your smoky eye is to create a transition by blending your makeup naturally into the rest of the eye area. Stéphanie recommends not using colors that are too white. Here, use the lightest shade from the Wanted Duo 57 palette. Adding a light shade to the inner corner of your eye will widen your eyes and give them a sparkle. The ideal colors for this are pearlescent or shimmery shades, which are easier to work with. Finish your makeup with an intensifying mascara such as the volumizing Lash Queen Fatal Blacks .

There are only a few steps involved in creating a glamorous smoky eye. For day or night, the smoky eye is your best ally!

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