The world of Helena Rubinstein in the book "Over the Top"

400 vintage images and 16 essays by renowned experts are interspersed within "Over the Top", a book by Suzanne Slesin. This superb piece of work looks back at the extraordinary person that was Helena Rubinstein, as well as her love of beauty, art, fashion and design.

A remarkable woman

Endowed with a fascinating personality, Madame has captivated many through her life as a self-made woman and her passion for beauty in all its forms. From art and design to fashion, her unique style is reflected in her looks, just as in her beauty salons and houses. Each is a concentrated example of the unique taste and artistic flair of this pioneering woman, defined as being constantly avant-garde in every field. Her one-of-a-kind nature has been repeatedly captured by famous photographers such as Cecil Beaton, Brassaï and Man-Ray. "Over the Top" also contains several exclusive pictures.

A collector's book

"Over the Top" is an exceptional look into Helena Rubinstein's enthralling life and unique career. She played an important role in defining the 20th century, in women's style just as much as their beauty routines. This innovative woman knew right from the start that her image would be associated with the brand. Instead of dressing in unknown fashion labels, she chose to only wear luxury designers, and to be photographed by renowned artists.

The book reveals Helena Rubinstein's vibrant social life. Between Paris, New York and London, she never stopped opening beauty salons; rubbing shoulders with the world's most famous artists and buying incredible apartments. She also posed alongside celebrities she admired, notably Frida Kahlo, Elizabeth Taylor and Gary Cooper - photographs which can be seen in "Over the Top".

From secrets and exclusive photos to anecdotes from friends, this fabulous piece of work gives us an insight into the life of a woman who revolutionized the world of cosmetics and the 20th century woman.

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