The science of beauty in HR salons

Helena Rubinstein, a pioneer in the world of cosmetics, is behind the world’s first beauty salon. Opened in Melbourne in 1902, Australia was the first continent to have a ‘Beauty Salon’. Helena Rubinstein offered advice and care products and invented a new profession: that of beauticians. Working for women, Helena Rubinstein wanted “to understand, to know everything about the skin and how to treat its imperfections”.


It did not take long for Helena Rubinstein to earn success. In 1915 the beauty salons spread to London, New York and Paris. Her work with women allowed her to identify their needs and expectations, and to meet them. She was the first to classify different types of skins and to adapt her products to each woman. For every salon opening, the beauticians were trained. They had to offer, with a smile, individual and specialized advice. These Beauty Salons became the places to be, the only ones to offer scientific treatments which could preserve the beauty of the female body and face.


The Helena Rubinstein Beauty Salons are much more than just traditional beauty parlors. To turn each treatment into a real experience, Helena Rubinstein welcomed women into a setting where art and beauty intermingled. In every salon, she chose the most prestigious addresses and majestic buildings. A new vision of how to look after women which quickly showed its worth: personalized treatments and products with miraculous results in inspirational settings.

Vogue magazine, a reference in luxury, stated in 1915: “Helena Rubinstein salons are an ideal combination of pleasure for the eyes, comfort for the body and convenience.”

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