The road to Barcelona: three places you have to see

Are you planning a weekend in Barcelona with friends? On the Gaudi town road, stop in Catalonia, right at the heart of a stunning region, to make the most of the Spanish climate and discover the work of Dali.

The Dali theater-museum in Figueres

A totally unique site, this theater and museum is located a short way from the French-Spanish border. It is the second most visited museum of the country, after the Prado in Madrid. Discover the building's original architecture, inaugurated in 1974, as well as the large collection of artwork which chronicles the career of the most famous surrealist artist. From his childhood to his last work, Dali's entire life is captured. The location was chosen by the artist himself, as the city was dear to his heart. Catalonia: the country of Dali and art lovers!

The Costa Brava

A Spanish region which seems to have a perpetual holiday atmosphere, the Costa Brava is a must-see on the Barcelona road. Spread over a wide area, the region is full of charming villages with tiny harbors. A trip via the stunning creeks is as just as unforgettable as a sangria by sunset! Along the 200 kilometers of coastline, your only decision will be which fishing village you want to stay in. With 2500 hours of sunshine per year in this region, you can be sure that your holiday will be a success!

La Rambla

Once you've arrived in Barcelona, don't miss out on a walk down La Rambla. This symbolic avenue connects the Plaça de Catalunya to the old port and the statue of Christopher Columbus. You will be constantly surprised by all there is to see on this busy street leading down to the port of Barcelona: between the human statues and street musicians you'll find flower sellers, painters and other artists from around the world. Throughout the year, the town retains its holiday atmosphere, winning over all the tourists who come to visit.

The road to Barcelona is surrounded by must-see villages, transformed into enchanting destinations by Spanish artists and local treasures. Whatever the time of year you visit the capital of Catalonia, don't forget to put sunscreen in your bag. The Golden Youth range will be your biggest ally, protecting your skin while helping you tan.

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