The must-have serum every woman should have in her makeup bag

Serum has been popular for years now, and is one of the most concentrated beauty buys out there. How it should be used differs depending on your skin type and age, but results are visible from the first days of use. Serum is a must-have product for women who want quick visible results.


Serum is particularly effective for women who are looking for a product that will make their skin appear more youthful and restore the glow from their youth. Whether you want to erase acne scars, hydrate your skin or even camouflage wrinkles, serum will do the trick. Its formula is much more concentrated than standard creams as it is less water-based, enabling it to sink into the skin’s surface to treat each individual cell.

Its unique formula also means that only a few drops are needed to create the desired effect. The super-fluid texture allows it to glide over the face, without clogging pores.

Serum, however, should not be used as a substitute to your day cream. The two work together. First, apply the serum to clean skin, followed by your day cream. To maximize results, make sure you select a serum that is from the same range as your day or night cream, as they will work together in harmony.


Prodigy Powercell serum creates younger-looking skin. After just 5 days, skin is visibly smoother, more toned and radiant. Thanks to its soft, creamy texture, Prodigy Powercell serum gives your skin a new lease of life and a radiant, natural glow.

Voted n°1 serum in 2012 by Japanese women’s magazine Voce, Prodigy Powercell serum is perfect for all skin ethnicities. Get younger-looking skin with Prodigy Powercell serum, your new youth elixir. 

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