The benefits of meditation for your skin

Meditation certainly helps combat daily stress, but it also has other benefits, such as the ability to improve the quality of your epidermis. Take a break from your busy life and breathe in, breathe out...


Originally associated with Buddhism, meditation today is a widespread way of life, especially for people who live busy and stressful urban lives. This exercise requires concentration and focus on your body. It enables you to improve awareness of your own presence, and to better control your emotions.

The effects on skin

Stress and fatigue are often the cause of certain imperfections on the surface of the epidermis, including lines, blemishes, rough patches, dullness etc. This is why it is important to soothe its soul. Meditation has been proven to reduce the production of free radicals and strengthen skin's resistance, giving your complexion more radiance.


If you're a beginner, learn the art of meditation! It's not enough to sit cross-legged and close your eyes, meditation is actually a far more complex activity. Consult specialist books which will help you learn the practice.

Before starting, make sure you are in the right situation. Find a calm space, at the right time: midday to boost your energy halfway through the day, or in the evening to release any negative energy built up.

There's no need to meditate for hours: 15 intense minutes daily will be enough to relax you and improve the radiance of your skin every day.

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