Taking care of your skin in winter

In winter, your skin is exposed to many aggressive environmental elements. Central heating, wind and the cold weaken your skin, so update your beauty routine to take care of your epidermis!

Exfoliate for smooth and hydrated skin

The Care-In-Peel scrub from the Pure Ritual range is an essential cleanser for the winter season. It offers the effectiveness of double exfoliation with an incredible texture. Cleansing properties penetrate deep into the epidermis without drying the skin, revealing a radiant glow. Applied once a week, this double black peel eliminates cellular impurities for instantly younger-looking skin.

Apply a mask for immediately younger-looking skin

The winter season can sap your epidermis of its auto-regenerative properties, adding years to your complexion. To counter these effects, the Powercell mask is ideal: twice as concentrated as a serum, it reduces the signs of aging on your face, and provides continuous hydration for 48 hours for glowing and healthy-looking skin. Your complexion is firmer and smoother and your pores are minimized – you look radiant!

Start a hydrating skincare routine to protect your epidermis

The Age Recovery Day and Night creams repair the damage done to your skin over time, while protecting it day and night. Melting into the skin, the creams protect and fight the signs of dryness often caused by winter. Instantly smoothed, skin feels more comfortable, nourished and hydrated, with a radiant glow. The cutaneous barrier, often damaged by dropping temperatures, is restored.

It's very important to change your skincare routine come winter, when your skin needs to be looked after...and you do, too! Take the time to nourish your skin for a sublime complexion this season.

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