Tahitian Beauty Secret: Monoi Oil

Monoi, meaning "scented oil" in Tahitian, is obtained from crushed Tiaré flowers soaked in coconut oil. Originally from French Polynesia, monoi oil is known for its softening and moisturizing qualities, and is a popular skincare ingredient around the world.

Moisturizing qualities

Regardless of the season, monoi oil moisturizes deep into the epidermis, preventing the premature drying of the skin. In Polynesia, the oil is used at the birth of a child: massaged into the baby's skin, it strengthens the epidermis. What makes using it even more agreeable is its gentle yet intoxicating fragrance. Some women even use the oil as a perfume. Traditionally, the oil is applied daily during the summer season, but those who use it to enhance their tan should be aware that this is strongly discouraged, as monoi oil does not protect against UVA or OVB rays. Monoi oil should not replace your sunscreen!

To ensure you choose a high quality oil, make sure to check that "Tahitian Monoi Oil" is written on the packaging.

How to use

Monoi oil can be applied daily. When massaged onto damp skin, it acts as an excellent moisturizer, even when skin is not exposed to the sun. In winter, monoi oil is known for providing comfort when the thermometer is dropping! Its floral fragrance evokes happy memories and deeply nourishes your skin.

Monoi oil can also be used as a weapon against dry hair. When applied to damp locks, it moisturizes all the way down the hair shaft, leaving you with soft and shiny hair that's easy to style. For intense hydration, leave the oil on at night and wash your hair the following morning with a moisturizing shampoo.

Don't just use monoi oil during the summer months: its powerful moisturizing qualities can be used all year long. Don't forget that monoi oil solidifies when the temperature drops below 20°C/70°F. To return it to liquid, simply place the bottle in hot water. This procedure does not affect any of the oil's properties.

Whatever the season, monoi oil is your multipurpose moisturizer!

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