Summer's here: learn how to protect your skin from UV rays

Sunny days are upon us, but your skin isn't yet used to the increased UV rays - present even in urban areas. Prepare your epidermis in advance, even if you're a million miles from the beach!

Care for and hydrate your complexion

When you first expose your skin to the sun, your epidermis may become damaged, so it needs daily care. Use the Powercell serum for regenerated and more resistant skin. Like a youth-transplant tool, the serum penetrates deep through the cutaneous barrier to reach the center of your skin cells. A few drops is enough for a perfect result.

Apply the serum in the morning before your Powercell day cream - from the same range - for more effective results. Hydrated and better protected against harmful exterior elements, your skin will be in better condition to apply UV protection and face the sunshine!

Protect and enhance your skin

In the city, UV rays can be just as harmful as at the beach, especially at lunchtime if you decide to eat outside. Only a high-factor sunscreen will protect your complexion from sun damage. The Golden Youth collection is an ideal choice, and will also leave you with satiny-soft skin. Protected with an SPF 30 or 50, you'll be able to make the most of the sunshine.

Apply your sunscreen onto the zones of your face likely to be exposed to the sunshine. Hands, décolletage and forearms are some of the first areas to show signs of premature aging, so they should stay well-protected.

Don't wait for your vacation to prepare your skin for those UV rays. From June onwards, arm yourself with sun protection products, and enjoy the sun without a (skin)care in the world!

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