Stress and skin: caring for those little upsets due to overworking.

Asserting yourself at work, taking care of the children, playing sport... your daily routine often generates stress. Your skin, like the rest of your body, reacts intensely which can lead to premature aging of the skin. A lack of shine, cutaneous reactivity, marks and even the slackening of the epidermis are the result of skin that is constantly dealing with stress. Learn to react to the effects on your face.

Fighting a dull complexion

When you are stressed, your skin lacks hydration. Your skin will lose its pretty colors and become pale. The Hydra Collagenist mask intensely rehydrates your skin from the first application. Your skin will become visibly fresher and gorged with "micro-implants" of water. It will rediscover its shine for the long-term.

Fighting premature wrinkles

Stress leads to the early appearance of wrinkles and aging skin. A treatment made with stem cells from sea fennel, Prodigy Powercell serum works on cell regeneration and tissue repair. Day after day, your wrinkles will be reduced and your skin perfectly hydrated.

Fighting shadows

Are you tired from overworking? Your skin is as well and will not hesitate to show it. Your shadows and wrinkles stand out. When you are stressed, your facial expressions are more pronounced. Prodigy Powercell Eye Urgency Treatment Concealer , an anti-shadow treatment and make-up will make your shadows disappear immediately. You will look less tired and younger and those shadows will be a lot less visible.

While it's often difficult to counter the effects of stress on your skin, it's now possible to ease them by following these three stages. Stress won't get your skin!

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