Stop the signs of aging

Contrary to what many believe, signs of aging are not only a question of age. Some scientists maintain that these signs are 80% related to exterior factors. Find out how to slow down the effects of aging on your skin.

Environmental factors and aging

If a part of aging is evidently related to internal factors, it is relatively little. Your environment and your lifestyle are primarily responsible for the signs of aging that appear with time. Sun damage, smoking, pollution and quality of sleep all play an important role.

It is difficult to fight against all these factors, but you can nevertheless slow the aging of your skin by looking after it as early as possible.

Fight against aging

From 20 years old: hydrate your skin and protect it from the rays of the sun – essential when we know that exposure to the sun is the principal cause of cellular aging. Opt for the Golden Youth skincare range , which protects your skin's natural resistance to the sun's rays and preserves its youthfulness.

From 25 years old: fight against oxidative stress. This can accelerate aging because it affects the core of cells. Apply a daily dose of youthfulness with anti-free-radical protection by using a few drops of Powercell serum on your complexion.

From 35 years old: find an anti-wrinkle cream that's suited to your skin type. The Collagenist Replump day cream fills lines and smoothes wrinkles. Its collagen base gives your skin more resistance – for immediate efficacy and comfort.

It's never too early to look after your skin. Take care of your complexion by protecting and hydrating your skin from your twenties in order to keep your epidermis looking young and toned.

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