Sleep and beauty: 3 tips for more beautiful skin

It's been proven - a lack of sleep accelerates cutaneous aging. Preserve the radiance and youthfulness of your skin by getting a good night's ZZZZZs. Here are the ideal conditions for how to really get your beauty sleep!

Create a relaxing ambiance

An hour before going to sleep, turn off your smartphone, tablet and computer. They give off a blue light, similar to daylight, and limit the production of melatonin - the hormone which encourages sleep. Opt instead for low lighting and make a calming tea with lemon verbena, chamomile or lime blossom. To relax any tension, spritz some lavender spray over your pillow, or breathe in a few drops of orange flower, basil or marjoram essential oils using a diffuser. Once you feel peaceful, go to sleep in complete darkness.

Maintain a rhythm

To improve the quality of your sleep, a regular routine is essential, both on the weekend and during the week. Set wake-up and go-to-sleep times, which can vary by up to around 30 minutes. By having an irregular routine, you upset your internal body clock and cause the same symptoms as jet jag: stress, anxiety and mood swings, all of which also encourage the development of wrinkles and blemishes.

Apply a reparative night serum

If you have out of sync hours, or your nights are too short, help your skin to regenerate with the detoxifying Powercell Skin Rehab night serum . It helps eliminate toxins, reduces signs of tiredness and smoothes your skin. Apply onto a clean face using gentle effleurage movements.

If you're really restless, add a few breathing exercises or meditation to your evening routine to relax your mind.

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