Simple beauty tips for a night out with friends

Tonight is officially the start of the weekend and you and your friends have decided to hit the town for a few cocktails after work. Don't have time to rush home and get ready? Discover how to apply flawless makeup in a short space of time before leaving the office.


You want to create an even, uniform complexion that looks radiant for a night socializing with colleagues. Your first instinct is probably to apply a fresh layer of foundation over the layer you're already wearing. This is a big no-no! This will only create cakey-looking skin that looks heavy and dull.

Start by blotting away any excess oil on the surface of your face, especially around the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) using a tissue. Take a cotton pad and remove the makeup from underneath your eyes, then re-apply your anti-wrinkle cream or serum. Finish by lightly powdering all over and add a touch of blush to the apples of your cheeks for a healthy glow.


Women often link a glamorous night out in town with heavy make-up, however this isn't the most natural of looks and can often appear too much. It's important to decide whether you want to emphasize your eyes or lips, but not both.

If you want to play up your eyes, opt for an eye shadow trio, kohl and a few coats of mascara. The Wanted Eyes Duo collection offers two beautiful shadow pallets that are perfect for creating an alluring night-time eye. N°57 and n°58 each feature two different shades in both light and dark. Create a multi-tonal effect by using each shade in the correct area. Apply the lighter shade all over the lid, then blend the darker shade into the outer crease to elongate and open up your socket.

Create a subtle smolder by roughly blending a kohl pencil along the lower lash line, starting from the outside corner and working inwards.

Complete your look by adding a simple slick of mascara. Lash Queen Celebration mascara is the perfect choice for a special occasion. Apply in the morning whilst getting ready for work, then retouch after finishing time before leaving the building. The thick, creamy formula means you can apply several layers without lashes clumping together.

Follow these simple steps and get ready to enjoy your exciting evening! Keep a few beauty essentials at work by your desk for last-minute touch ups. Apart from your main beauty bag with your foundation and eye shadow palettes, keep a tube of Prodigy Powercell Eye Urgency Treatment Concealer , handy to brighten the under eye area. Gently dab a few drops using the wand to refresh your appearance. To finish, hydrate lips with Collagenist Lip Zoom. Your makeup looks natural and radiant, and tonight it's you who will be catching everyone's eye.

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