Shopping: what mascara to offer loved-ones for Christmas

Jewels in themselves, the Helena Rubinstein mascaras are enclosed in luxurious tubes flecked with gold. Each is composed of its own unique formula, and makes the perfect present for the holiday season. Find out how to choose which one to offer your loved ones this season.

Lash Queen Mystic Blacks : for a sophisticated mom

A marvel of technology, it is the first mascara to reproduce the eyeliner effect inspired by North African tribeswomen. Dipped in ebony black, the mascara is encircled with a golden ring, modeled on a tribal seal of beauty. It's guaranteed to charm even the most sophisticated mom!

In a captivating black shade, this mascara will enchant any chic mother with its dual-function brush: the brush side coats the roots of the lashes, while the comb side de-clumps and elongates. Its design works for all lash types, and brings out the eyes beautifully.

Lash Queen Feline Blacks : for a girly sister

Lashes are adorned with a sensuality that is both voluptuous and intriguing, with this mascara inspired by the unparalleled depth of a feline gaze. Its packaging perfectly echoes this exceptionally beautiful partnership: the case is dotted with elegant spots using pad printing. A guaranteed wild cat effect!

The daring nature of this mascara is even present in its formula, which envelops and lengthens the lashes without clumping. Feline, supple lashes are longer and more emphasized - ideal for winning over a sister in search of the perfect beauty look.

Lash Queen Celebration, for a party-going friend

There's nothing like a mascara that sparkles like diamonds for a gift to your closest friend. Created as if at the hands of a goldsmith, the case is entirely dressed in lacquered and varnished glitter. A pure gem, it's the master key to a sumptuous, feminine beauty bag.

For lashes that are thick and defined to the extreme, apply mascara from the roots to the tip. By adding layers, the result is increased, and your eyes become even more intriguing. A must-have for girly evenings out together!

Lavish the ladies in your life by offering them a unique mascara! Between the ground-breaking technology and luxurious packaging, they will be delighted when they open their presents!

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