Sensitive skin: your beauty routine post 35

The experts make it clear. The first expression lines, little wrinkles... after the age of 30, your skin marks more, especially when it’s sensitive! Discover our new beauty routine to preserve and act on your face’s unique features.


Beyond the signs of aging that begin to appear, the quality of the skin will begin to change. Less sparkle, darker shadows, your skin changes. To ease these first signs of aging, your sensitive skin needs a beauty product capable of activating cell regeneration and tissue repair. Your face needs hydration and a suitable anti-aging defense.

Every morning, once your skin is cleaned, apply the serum Prodigy Powercell. Within five days your little wrinkles will have been reduced and your skin will be deeply hydrated for a visibly radiant and younger complexion!


The eye contours are particularly sensitive to the elements and can sometimes show early signs of little wrinkles. On that part of your face, the skin is very delicate and easily affected. These wrinkles, known as ‘smile lines’ can be filled in without the need for cosmetic surgery. The care product Re-Plasty Laserist Concentrate offers a non-invasive technique inspired by cosmetic medicine, to smooth your skin.

The Re-Plasty Laserist Concentrate serum should be applied once or twice daily, depending on the need. A few drops on the required areas are sufficient, on a perfectly cleaned skin.


Just like little wrinkles around the eyes, those on the forehead can appear quite early on. From 30 years old, the face muscles relax and do not support the skin as well as before. The result is skin which is not as smooth, marked with those expressions that reflect our personality. To ease them and slow them down, a specific anti-wrinkle treatment is recommended.

Designed to stop the effects of time, the night product Prodigy Night preserves the skin’s youthfulness. Its precious ingredients stimulate the cutaneous regeneration for less visible wrinkles, a relaxed face ready to stand up to many more years!

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