Re-Plasty Pro Filler, a cosmetic alternative to injections

Your eyes and mouth are two of the most active parts of the face. Over time, these important zones are susceptible to lines and loss of elasticity, affecting your facial expression. This is why the Helena Rubinstein Laboratories have developed a groundbreaking blur formula designed to restore an eternally youthful complexion.

Significant anti-aging ingredients

As opposed to traditional anhydrous (1) blur serums, which do not contain active ingredients, the creation of the unique formula of the Serum-In-Blur includes an aqueous stage. The Helena Rubinstein scientists are then able to incorporate powerful anti-aging active ingredients. This new technology offers genuine anti-aging results, as well as an instant optical effect. The signs of aging are blurred, and your skin is rejuvenated from deep within the epidermis.

Optical perfection

The perfected formula contains flakes of mother-of-pearl, five times thinner than usual. These micro-mirrors reflect surface light and support the skin's natural luminosity. Visibly smoother, your skin reveals instant optical perfection.

High concentration of hyaluronic acid

The formula contains three hyaluronic acids which, when combined, act together to fight all types of lines and wrinkles. They guarantee the hydration of the skin and plump the epidermis, all while reinforcing cellular cohesion and firming the skin's surface.

Cosmetic "injection"

The Re-Plasty Pro Filler's innovative applicator was inspired by a cosmetic syringe, such as would be found in a clinic. Its shape allows for precise and expert application. The serum contains a unique formula, combining sensory and cosmetic properties with a velvety and lightweight texture. Application is fluid and smooth, for perfectly soft skin.

A new cosmetic "injection" to bring back your youthful positive expressions!

(1) Anhydrous: formulated without water

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