Protect your skin from the city sun

Warm, summery days are officially here. However, some of us haven't boarded the plane to our luxury destinations yet and are making the most of the city sun.

Protect skin from the first rays of sunshine

The city is usually the first place that your skin encounters sun-exposure. The unexpected arrival of sunshine and bright light requires sun-care protection; especially considering your lunch break is around the time when the sun's rays are at their most harmful. Just because you aren't at the beach, doesn't mean your skin is immune to sunlight. Only a high-factor sunscreen with protection against UV rays can successfully protect any exposed skin and preserve its youthful properties. Thanks to the Golden Youth range, occasional sun seekers can safely enjoy the summer heat. Whether you opt for SPF 30 or SPF 50, skin is expertly protected. Golden Youth promotes soft, satin-like skin, enhancing your radiant and youthful glow.

Apply sunscreen to all the areas that are exposed to sunlight. Don't forget about the décolleté area, hands and forearms which all tend to show signs of premature ageing. Why not opt for more coverage and try one of this season's on-trend hats?

Create a new-skin effect

Youth-grafter Powercell serum deeply penetrates cutaneous tissue to reach the heart of the skin's cells. As a result, skin looks visibly younger and fresher. When coming into contact with your first rays of sunshine this season, skin can become fragile, requiring gentle care and nourishment on a daily basis. Using Powercell serum creates radiant and regenerated skin. Protected against free radicals, your skin is now ready for sunscreen.

A few drops are all that is needed for optimum results. Apply Powercell serum each morning before following with your regular moisturizer.

The inner-city is where skin is most likely to encounter its first few rays of sunshine. Luckily, the Golden Youth range is on hand to protect skin. You can now relax and safely enjoy beautiful summer days at ease.

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