Product launch: Life Pearl Cellular Cream

In 2012, Helena Rubinstein revealed Life Pearl Cellular Essence, a precious serum designed to recreate skin as perfect as a pure black pearl, restoring the skin's brightness, surface, texture and density...a perfect creation that Helena Rubinstein wants to offer women. The black pearl is once again the key ingredient for the 2014 launch of Life Pearl Cellular Cream. Its restorative properties help to repair skin and act as the perfect ingredient for this exclusive anti-ageing cream.

The black pearl

Fascinated by its delicate beauty and the magical nature of its luminosity, the black pearl is widely considered one of the most coveted and precious jewels across the continents. Over the years, pearls have been sourced from Polynesian waters and the black pearl is one of the most rare and precious of them all.

Renowned for its perfect Orient (the way in which prisms of light are reflected in the pearl's layers), the black pearl is highly regarded by jewelers around the world. The Orient of a pearl is what defines the Royal Pearl: the depth of the pearl's color, pearlescent brightness, silk finish and luminosity. Life Pearl Cellular Cream therefore boosts the skin's natural brightness, smoothes its surface and facial contours are visibly reshaped, creating a perfect, flawless finish.

An extraordinary skincare formula

Made with a powerful regenerating complex, Life Pearl Cellular Cream is a truly unique and precious formula. It combines detoxifying, smoothing and light-enhancing active ingredients. The Helena Rubinstein laboratories have used their combined knowledge and expertise on anti-ageing properties to create the ultimate youth-enhancing elixir.

The sumptuous texture of Life Pearl Cellular Cream glides over skin and absorbs quickly to provide absolute comfort and hydration from the very first application. This precious, pearl-infused formula is unique thanks to its soft, supple texture which melts into skin. Skin appears plumper, firmer and more youthful.

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