Prodigy: 12 years of innovative anti-wrinkle technology

It all started in 2002. It was in this year that the Helena Rubinstein laboratories created Prodigy , a revolutionary global anti-ageing cream. 12 years later, Prodigy has now entered the era of molecular biology, targeting every single layer of the skin to reactivate the signs of youth.

A scientific prodigy

12 years after the original launch of Prodigy, the skincare products within the range remain at the forefront of innovation. Prodigy Night , inspired by twice Nobel Prize winning cellular senescence research, is the first night cream to delay the effects of time and restore youthful looking skin.Telomeres, the key to fresh young skin, are protected using a powerful plant extract formula. Skin cell regeneration is boosted and the DNA of each cell is preserved, meaning your face stays younger for longer with a brighter, more radiant appearance.

Prodigy's ground-breaking formula

Bio-Sève Moléculaire™, created by the Helena Rubinstein laboratories and used in every pot of Prodigy, is the key ingredient to the skincare range. Thanks to its powerful active ingredients, it is capable of transfusing youth into the skin's layers whilst restoring firmness. Another key ingredient used within the Prodigy Night formula is white lotus extract, which helps protect the epidermis layer. Senna Alata plant leaf extract fights against the signs of photo-ageing caused by the sun's rays, whilst Pro-Xylane maintains the skin's density and texture. This innovative formula ultimately protects the precious telomeres within the dermis, ensuring your skin stays younger looking for as long as possible.

An awakening of the senses

Deliciously creamy, the texture of the skincare products within the Prodigy range is divine and silky smooth. Fresh citrus, the sweet scent of jasmine, lily of the valley, musk and a base of vanilla means your skin is luxuriously comforted with a light fragrance. The sensuality of the velvety soft texture combined with powerful anti-ageing, rare plant extracts allows skin to regain its youthful serenity. Your face feels revitalized and regenerated.

Stimulate and soothe your face by massaging gently with your fingertips, moving from the forehead down to the chin and outwards towards the cheeks. These movements will encourage repair and recovery whilst increasing the youth potential of your skin, day after day.

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