Prepare your skin for spring

The first beams of sunlight, the first buds on the trees... there's no question, spring is on its way. While you are ready to welcome the good weather and the sun, your skin is less inclined. It's difficult for it to stand up to the UV and temperature changes. You need to help it prepare!


How often you exfoliate your skin will depend on your skin type. In winter, dry, more vulnerable skin, should avoid too much exfoliation. Greasier skin, on the other hand, could do with as many as two a week if necessary. For spring's arrival, exfoliation allows dead cells to be eliminated while giving your skin some shine and softness back. Before the return of the good weather, you should try a weekly exfoliation. Your exfoliated skin will be smoother and more receptive to daily treatment. In order to fix and protect the skin, the Re-Plasty High Definition Peel mask is perfectly adapted. Rough spots and imperfections will be erased and your skin will be regenerated.


In winter your skin is especially dried out. Once the good weather arrives, the little tugs will be less painful. This is not a reason to stop your weekly hydration. The Prodigy beauty range includes treatments that are adapted to your skin type, to give it the necessary hydration. In addition, a serum and an eye contour product are essential. They will ease the lines on your face from the moment you wake up! Before going to bed, a night treatment is perfect to help the regeneration of the skin during your sleep.


Spring days in the park, you've been dreaming of them for months. But your skin worries a little about them. It's not seen the sun for a few months and needs to be well-protected. Before the make-up stage, apply some SPF15 sun cream, if not higher depending on the brightness of the day. The youth of your skin will be preserved, it will not suffer from the effects of UV and you will tan more easily once summer arrives.

Now you're ready to welcome spring with open arms!

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