One luxury destination, one luxury beauty kit: a weekend getaway to Portofino

On the boat from Genoa to Portofino, take in the spectacular views of the cliffs. Just a few meters onwards, canals and a small harbor become visible. You soon discover that the picture postcard image you had in mind is actually a reality and you are about to spend a few days in one of Italy's most glamorous cities.

Relaxing in the sun

You soon lose all track of the days and sunrise and sunset are all that guide your sense of time. Between these two moments, nothing else matters. After drinking a smooth Italian coffee next to the harbor, you decide to enjoy the fresh morning air and take a stroll on the beach. Dinner time is fast approaching. A charming restaurant with a view of the fishing boats from the outdoor terrace looks welcoming. Puny* serves up some of the freshest fish in the harbor and the food is prepared before your very eyes. Service is amazing, the food is delicious and you sit there feeling content. Once you've finished the authentic tiramisu, an afternoon dive awaits you. The province of Genoa has so much to see and do, so wander and discover its beauty at your leisure.

Beauty kit essentials

Your short break relaxing in the sun in this small corner of paradise requires some specifically adapted skincare products to keep you looking your best. The Golden Youth range means that you can enjoy the sun's rays without having to worry about skin damage. The filter technology used in each of these sun protection products creates a powerful anti UVA and UVB barrier. Both anti-ageing and ultra-hydrating, the Golden Youth skincare products come in SPF 30 and SPF 50 formats, meaning you can decide which formula is best for you depending on your skin type and your destination. Even if you're not walking about in your swimsuit, make sure you protect any other areas that are exposed to the sun, not forgetting your face. It's essential to protect areas such as the hands, décolletage and even your feet.

Before applying makeup, opt for a base of Premium UV. Its lightweight texture melts into skin. As well as providing a long-lasting base for your makeup, its formula is non-greasy and has a natural finish. Completely undetectable beneath your makeup, it protects your face from any harmful UV rays and is the perfect base for any sun-kissed holiday.

*P. Martiri dell'Olivetta 4-5, 16034 Portofino, Italie

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