New product launch: purify skin with the new PURE RITUAL range

Our skin battles daily against pollution, dirt and even makeup which can all leave a residue on the upper surface. A light film can settle and cause a build-up of cells, clogging pores. The new Pure Ritual range has been specifically designed to help fight against impurities and reveal more youthful looking complexion. Discover the new products available within the range.

Deep Cleansing Creamy Foam

Developed using Japanese cleansing methods, the new Deep Cleansing Creamy Foam reveals a suppler, plump texture. Skin is deeply cleansed thanks to this rich, creamy cleanser. For optimum results, like the Japanese technique, rub the cream together in the palms of your hands to create a rich lather. Soft like a facial cream and as effective as soap, the new Deep Cleansing Creamy Foam leaves your skin feeling purified and gives you a radiant glow.

Intense comfort make-up remover milk

Treat your face to soothing milk and the fresh feel of water with the new, lightly fragranced Intense Comfort Make-up Remover Milk. Its sensual texture envelops skin with a rich milky formula. Cleansed and hydrated, your skin feels soft and velvety.

Skin perfecting lotion

A real miracle product, new Skin Perfecting Lotion keeps skin healthy and purified for up to 12 hours. Its formula dramatically reduces the appearance of pores and evens out texture whilst leaving your complexion brighter and glowing. The lotion is a great starting point for your daily routine. It creates smoother skin and promotes a more youthful appearance.

Glow renewal double black peel

Black rice has a number of health benefits. Glow renewal double black peel takes inspiration from Korean women's beauty routines, whereby rice and vinegar is used to create skin peels. Rich in nourishing oils, extracts of black tea and detoxifying rice, the new peel from the Pure Ritual range deeply unclogs pores without drying the surface. Apply dry, moisten with clean water, then rinse thoroughly. Skin appears brighter, softer and younger looking.

The new Pure Ritual product range ensures your cleansing routine is effective with a visibly youth-rejuvenating effect. Deeply cleansed, facial cell regeneration is improved.

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