New Powercell launch

2014 marks a fresh page for the Powercell range . Its powerful anti-free radical and anti-ageing protection is now more effective than ever, thanks to its double-concentration of native vegetal cells. Your skin is now ready to stand the test of ageing!

Protect against the stresses of daily life

Stress, fatigue and a poor diet are all factors which can deplete the regenerative power of skin over time. With cellular burnout, skin can start to deteriorate at an alarming rate, accelerating the ageing process. New cells decline in number, meaning your complexion can become dull and more prone to signs of fatigue.

Powercell, Power drawn from nature

Since its creation, life on Earth has faced many environmental changes. Plants have been able to cleverly adapt to new climates and conditions, developing the ability to survive in the most hostile environments. These extreme capacities are coded within their stem cells.

Amongst these 'Power Plants', Helena Rubinstein singled out the potential of Oceanic Crista, a true miracle of nature.

In 2014, Helena Rubinstein research combined the regenerative properties of Oceanic Crista with stem cells from another 'Power Plant' rich in antioxidants, Sea Holly.

This unique amalgamation, combining the regenerative and antioxidant properties of both Oceanic Crista and Sea Holly, makes the new Powercell range a true youth grafting formula.

Unrivalled results

Powercell's double concentration of native vegetal cells is proven to boost and rejuvenate the signs of youthful-looking skin. Winner of 38 beauty awards, Powercell is more powerful and concentrated than ever before. Skin instantly appears more luminous. Tonicity is reinforced and pores are tightened. Its light, intensive texture and subtle fragrance transports your senses to a world of luxury.

After only 5 days, skin seems re-created and sculpted. After a month of using the Powercell range, a youthful glow is restored.

What better way to combat the stresses of day-to-day life!

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