New: Golden Youth, the high protection sun care range

Arriving in Australia at the age of 24, Helena Rubinstein quickly discovered the extent of the effects of the sun on our skin. Women struggle with the appearance of marks on their faces and premature wrinkles. Madame had only one idea in mind: counter the effects of the sun by developing a specific range of products.

Helena Rubinstein expertise

Conscious of the dangers of exposure to UV for the skin, Helena Rubinstein offered protective treatments and embellishments from the 1940s. In 1979, the legendary Golden Beauty sun care range was born. In 2014, Helena Rubinstein continues to amaze us with Golden Youth. Thanks to the progress in the brand's sun care innovation, women can take full advantage of their time in the sun without needing to worry.

Strong protection against UV

The filter system of the Golden Youth range, which contains Meroxyl XL, creates a powerful barrier against UVB, which are responsible for sun burn. The range also guarantees strong protection against UVA, which are particularly harmful and damaging to the skin deep below the surface and leads to sun damage.

Normal to dull skins, which tan progressively and do not burn easily, can be protected using Golden Youth 30 which offers strong protection. Golden Youth 50+ , for its part, offers extra strong protection for the palest skin which doesn't tan, or very little, and often suffers from sun burn. These two treatments, besides their solar protection, have anti-aging and hydrating virtues. Thanks to this protection, your skin will retain its youth while benefiting from a long-term tan.

Easy to apply, the grease-free texture of this new range will give an instant feeling of freshness and hydration to your skin. It will become soft and satin-smooth and radiate with youth.

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