My Mascara, my everyday jewel

Mascaras have always been at the heart of Helena Rubinstein's research. A pioneer in the beauty industry, she famously stated at the beginning of the 20th Century "One look can change the world". The beauty expert made it her mission to create stunning eye makeup for women. Each of her revolutionary mascaras transformed the appearance of the eye. Encased in sophisticated, luxurious mascara tubes, they became true works of art.

The Lash Queen mascara collection

The mascaras within the Lash Queen collection are all about creating volume and come in different formulas. Feline , which features a svelte golden tube with black leopard print detail, is daring and bold. This majestic mascara is packaged into a golden-glinted, feline like sheath. The next mascara in the Lash Queen collection is Sexy Blacks whose corset design and black lace resemble a flash of lingerie. Seductive and feminine, this mascara perfectly mirrors the elegance of lace. Finally, Fatal Blacks takes inspiration from snakeskin, half snake, half jewel covered with a scale pattern and is the rebel of the Lash Queen collection.

Helena Rubinstein mascara: precious golden tubes

Taking inspiration from the jewelry industry, Helena Rubinstein make their mascaras shine like precious jewels, making them luxury items to covet. Well known now for their signature golden color and their ability to create beautiful, full lashes. Helena Rubinstein mascaras each have different effects and women can choose depending not only on the lash style they are looking for, but can also choose a tube corresponding to their personalities and look. Lace, snakeskin, feline...there's a mascara out there to suit everyone.

For special occasions which call for more drama in the eye department, try the exclusive Lash Queen Celebration . Bright like diamonds, this golden sheath of luxury combined with sequin detail was made to celebrate all things beautiful.

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