My beauty kit to fight dark under-eye circles

The eye contour should be looked after with care. It's the first place to show signs of tiredness and aging. Not had enough sleep? Here's what you need to fight dark circles...

Daily skincare and lifestyle

Makeup corrects the skin's surface but, to treat what's underneath, opt for tailored skincare products and follow a healthy lifestyle. Don't forget to drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day and avoid stress where you can.

Eight hours of sleep per night are recommended. You should know that your cells reach their renewal peak between 2-5 am.

In the morning, before applying any makeup, start with a product that combats tiredness. To reduce dark shadows and smooth the eye contour, opt for the Powercell eye treatment. An antioxidant, it brings back radiance to your complexion. Day after day, your dark circles are visibly reduced. Using your index finger, apply light pressure along the curve of the shadow, starting from the exterior and working inwards. This helps with decongesting the eye area.

Camouflage imperfections with makeup

Eye cream for dark circles should be applied after your foundation. Its lighter shade will bring luminosity to the area under the eye: an essential step for waking up your eyes.

Add makeup to the darkest part of the shadow, then apply the eye cream to the outer corner of your eyes, as well as along the lash line.

Don't let your eyes reveal how little sleep you've had. Follow our tips for a bright-eyed, luminous look!

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