My beauty kit for a relaxing bath

Slipping into a hot bath is one of winter's greatest pleasures. Here are our top tips for a moment of pure bath-time bliss.

Time to spare

Before running your bath, make sure that you have at least an hour of free time put aside. It's the perfect amount of time needed for optimum relaxation. Think Sunday afternoon, think bath-time!

Soft lighting

To make the most of all the benefits of this soothing moment, opt for muted and discreet lighting. A soft lamp or an array of candles will maximize relaxation. Place the candles in the corners of the bath opposite you.

Bath salts and foam

Must-haves for a relaxing bath, bath salts and foam are your best friends for moments when you need to wind down. Protect your skin and ensure hydration using products with natural ingredients. If they contain lavender, known for its relaxing qualities, even better!


Before jumping in, apply a mask suited to your skin type, for a fresh and radiant complexion. Your busy lifestyle can lead to premature ageing, but an anti-stress reparative product like the Powercell mask will help your skin look glowing and fresh-faced.

Reading material

Take some time to flick through your favorite magazine, or start a relaxing book. Slowly turning the pages will help your mind switch off and wind down.

Reserve one hour a week for your well-being by unwinding in a warm bath. It's an important moment, especially when temperatures start to drop.

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