My beauty bag for a pre-summer golden glow

You haven't yet packed your vacation bags, but that doesn't mean you don't want sunkissed skin already! Here are our tips for how to get that golden glow, without exposing yourself to any UV rays...

Illuminate your eyes

Bring light to your eyes using the Prodigy Liquid Light Eye Opener corrector. Formulated to create a "band of light" effect, it nourishes, smoothes and gives the contours of your eyes a visibly younger-looking appearance. As a complement, apply the anti-wrinkle Prodigy Powercell Urgency Treatment Concealer to cover any imperfections. Its double-action effects reduce fine lines: acting on both the skin's surface and deep within the epidermis to bring luminosity to your look.

Boost your complexion.

For a flawless complexion, use a foundation such as the rejuvenating Prodigy Powercell . Choose a shade that is slightly more golden than your natural coloring, while being careful not to choose an unflattering hue for your skin tone. Apply to your face and neck, blending well, for a perfect result. Afterwards, use a pressed powder like Color Clone in shades 24, 30 or 32 to bring a golden glow to your face. To accentuate this effect, the Golden Sand blush from the Wanted Blush range is ideal for a tanned and radiant complexion.

Enhance your makeup

A golden glow can be enhanced using the right makeup. After applying your foundation, bring out your eyes and mouth with complementary shades. Accentuate the sparkle in your eyes with the Glowing Beige shade from the Wanted Eyes Duo eye shadow and use the Lash Queen Mystic Blacks mascara to widen your eyes. Complete the look with the Gala Fuchsia shade from the Wanted Gloss collection, for the perfect pout.

It's possible to have a glowing complexion before summer even arrives! Adapt your beauty routine for a radiant and healthy complexion, pre-vacation.

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