My anti-pollution beauty bag

Due to the frequent pollution peaks in the city, your skin accumulates toxins and impurities. To fight against their damaging effects, here are three skin-saving products to put in your beauty bag.

A cleanser to purify pores

Morning and evening, wash your face with a gentle cleanser that respects your epidermis. This way, you won't strip your skin of essential nutrients, and will limit the risk of inflammation. For this, opt for the Pure Ritual Care-In Foam , which combines the softness of a cream with the effectiveness of soap. You skin is left cleansed of impurities, smooth and looks more radiant.

An anti-oxidant cream to combat free radicals

As well as hydrating your skin, certain skincare products form a protective film over the epidermis against the pollution particles and free radicals which cause cutaneous aging. When you wake up, apply the Powercell day cream in effleurage movements over a clean face. Day after day, you epidermis will feel firmer and look visibly younger.

A detoxifying night serum to regenerate the epidermis

A good night's sleep helps your skin to regenerate. To boost this natural process, use the Powercell Skin Rehab night serum , concentrated in detoxifying and reparative active ingredients, in order to rid the cutaneous tissue of any oxidizing molecules. Before going to sleep, treat yourself to a moment of relaxation by applying the serum over your face and neck using light massaging movements.

Like a shield, this anti-pollution routine defends your epidermis against pollution, calms irritations and reduces the development of wrinkles, leaving you ready to face the urban jungle!

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