Mother's Day: Instagram accounts to follow for a day of well-being

Surprise your mom! Instead of giving her a regular present, organize a special day of pampering and well-being. Here are our top three Instagram accounts, guaranteed to provide inspiration!

A relaxing yoga class with @stephynow

Mom, yoga instructor and photographer, Stephanie Birch is a woman with many talents. The Californian discovered yoga just before her pregnancy, and it would change her life. When her son was ten months old, Stephanie felt the need to refocus and decided to dedicate herself to yoga. Now, she leads yoga classes and captures special moments on camera. Her Instagram account will transport you into her world and a space of calm - perfect for this special day.

Plus points: The yoga and artistic poses that Stephanie captures are always accompanied by a positive message. From "Breathe" and "Joy" to "Happiness" and "Self-esteem", her Instagram account sees the good side of life. Take some of her energy and positive spirit to start Mother's Day off on the right foot (or head!)

A healthy lunch with @sproutedkitchen

Sara Forte describes herself as a fan of good, wholesome food shared between friends or family. Her signature style is to use natural ingredients and seasonal produce. On her Instagram account you can find all the most recent recipes she's come up with to inspire her followers. An unconditional vegetarian, she innovates every day to prove that it is possible to eat healthily without any kitchen frustrations. Whether you are cooking for yourself or loved ones, this account is a "better eating" bible!

Plus points: On Instagram, she shares (arty) photos of her recipes. It's a treasure trove for anyone looking to prepare a healthy lunch for someone who spent so many years cooking for us...

A sublime bouquet of flowers with @tthblooms

Thanks to the Instagram account @tthblooms, this is the place to go for exceptional floral compositions. The New York company is managed by Taylor Tomasi Hills, a former fashion writer for American magazines who now takes inspiration from the catwalk to her flower creations! It's a great account for budding gardeners or anyone who's looking to brighten up their home. There's nothing like a bouquet of roses for delicate indoor perfume and stunning colors!

Plus points: While the creator of this project may be in New York (bouquets are only delivered in the US), you can adapt her style to your own interior. Be inspired by this account and offer your mom a bouquet that suits her home!

From well-being to healthy-eating and decoration, these Instagram accounts are the perfect inspiration for a special day spent with that extra special mom you love.

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