Maxcara vs Mascara

In 2014, a new makeup trend appeared on our radar: "max"cara! What is maxcara? It's the technique of applying multiple coats of mascara to your lashes for high intensity volume. We're going to take a closer look at this makeup trend by comparing it with the more traditional, regular mascara application.


Spotted on the Autumn-Winter 2014/2015 runways, the maxcara look is all about black lashes and XXL volume. As its name implies, lashes are emphasized to the max. Even clumps are part of the intended effect – lashes should be as coated in as much mascara as possible. Who should you use as an iconic reference? Think: the model Twiggy during the sixties.

Start with one coat of mascara on both your upper and lower lashes, then boost the volume with four to five further coats, from root to tip, not letting the mascara dry between layers.


Jet black mascara is on trend this season, but not every woman wants over-the-top volume on her lashes. The "traditional" means of applying mascara is just enough to emphasize your lashes for striking and captivating eyes. In this technique, the result is natural, as opposed to the maxcara trend. To get this look, Long Lash mascara is perfect for sophisticated everyday makeup: offering an unbeatable look without overloading the lashes. A legendary product by Helena Rubinstein, it was the very first mascara in the world to be produced in a tube!

For a more intense effect, but still without surplus mascara, opt for Lash Queen Mystic Blacks. It accentuates the lash line for a natural yet mesmerizing look.

When using mascara, apply to your lashes firstly looking up, and then looking down. This makes sure the mascara covers the entire lash, from root to tip, for perfectly emphasized eyes without going over the top.

While the maxcara trend may be fun, it's not obligatory. If you prefer, keep your regular beauty techniques and stay subtle.

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