Mascaras and their brushes

It was in 1958 that Helena Rubinstein launched the first 'automatic' mascara, the one we are all now familiar with. With its threaded rod, the Mascara Matic - renamed Long Lash - revolutionized lash makeup, with the mascara and its brush contained in the same casing...

The production of Helena Rubinstein mascaras

At Helena Rubinstein, it is important to preserve the pioneering spirit of its eponymous founder. The idea is therefore not to follow trends, but to create them. Over the years, women's preferences evolve. To create the right brush and formula, the Innovation team keep an ear to the ground, following the latest developments in women's inclinations and beauty routines. They pay particular attention to regional particularities. Applying makeup to Asian eyes, for example, is different than with Caucasian eyes. This is the reason the mascara wand is smaller in Asia.

Today there are eight Helena Rubinstein mascaras, designed to meet every woman's needs. Each has its own characteristics: curl accentuating, lash separation, intensifying and even an eyeliner effect. Every mascara is thought of as an ensemble: the brush is an important factor, but so is the formula, and the packaging provides a luxurious casing for these innovations.

All the mascaras are thereby conceived according to three key elements: the brush, the formula and the packaging.

Brush characteristics

From volume and curl to length... the desired effect is where the work starts. To emphasize the eyes, a brush with bristles is the most obvious choice. Next, the type of bristle is selected: by diameter (fine or thick) and the number of bristles (usually between 200 and 800). For a more pronounced result, elastomeric polymer brushes are chosen due to their more technologically advanced tips. The prototypes of these brushes, because they are more difficult to fabricate, are often made using a computer for more elaborate designs.

The Helena Rubinstein mascaras are conceived to bypass trends, offering that special extra touch that no other products have. Discover their multiple benefits before choosing the perfect one for you!

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