Makeup essentials to brighten your eyes in just 3 minutes

The eye contour is one of the most fragile areas on the face. Dark circles and wrinkles linked to cellular ageing can start to appear rapidly if skin is not cared for properly. The result is your complexion can lose its natural brightness and radiance. Discover the top ways to brighten your look in less than 3 minutes!

Caring for the eye contour

Using the appropriate eye contour care products enables you to act on signs of ageing linked to this delicate area. Wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles can all be minimized when the correct products are applied. The Prodigy Eyes treatment intensely cares for the eye contour whilst combating the tell-tale signs of ageing such as dark circles and crow's feet. From the very first application, skin appears healthier and brighter whilst becoming more firm and toned.

Illuminating your eyes

Vibrant eyes and radiant surrounding skin can do wonders for the rest of your complexion. Prodigy Liquid Light Eye Opener works alongside your day and night cream, and is applied from temple to temple over the entire contour area. Its ergonomic applicator tip brings freshness and visibly reveals the youth of your eyes in one swooping motion.

Minimizing signs of fatigue

In the long run, the above steps effectively delay the effects of time on your skin, whilst improving its texture and suppleness. Once you have applied your eye care products, you can then move onto youth-enhancing makeup to brighten your eye contour. Prodigy Powercell Eye Urgency treatment concealer acts both on the surface and deep within the skin's cells to create radiant and vibrant eyes. Dark circles gradually fade away, leaving your under eye area looking illuminated.

Defining your eyes

When it comes to eye makeup, less is more if you want to create a youthful look. A few coats of mascara will define and sculpt your lashes with a natural effect. The sublime Lash Queen Fatal Blacks mascara instantly opens up the eye thanks to its lengthening and thickening brush. Its Ultra Grip formula lifts lashes from root to tip, creating a truly mesmerizing effect all day long.

Appling the correct skincare and makeup products on a daily basis will instantly brighten your look. Three minutes is all it takes to illuminate your eyes, the gateway to your inner soul!

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