Lipstick vs lip gloss: what’s the difference?

Every woman has at least one in her make-up bag. Lipstick and lip gloss have become must-have products we simply can't live without, yet each one has different characteristics and finish.
Many women believe that lip gloss is for younger women only. Its glossy finish, soft muted color and long-lasting shine look great with paired-back, natural makeup. However, lip gloss has another advantage over lipstick as the texture instantly plumps and moisturizes lips; something older women with thinning lips are often in search of. Helena Rubinstein has developed the Wanted Gloss range, which gives unprecedented volume to your lips thanks to added silicone microspheres, inspired by aesthetic medicine. What more could a woman want?
Choosing between a lip gloss and lipstick isn't simply about plumping effects and color. The texture and staying-power of each product is equally as important. A lipstick from the Wanted Rouge range offers a range of intense colors. Its soft, creamy texture hydrates and softens lips with an elegant finish.
Lip gloss will make your lips shimmer without the bold effect of a lipstick. It's really up to you which look you feel like wearing. There's nothing to say you can't pair your lipstick with a slick of gloss over the top! Whether you wear a bold color underneath or not, a lip gloss will leave your lips with a beautiful shine.
The Wanted range by Helena Rubinstein, including both glosses and lipsticks, goes above and beyond the expectations of women. Wanted cosmetics hydrate and plump lips, creating the perfect pout.
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