Lipstick over the years

Way back in the 30s, Helena Rubinstein was at the forefront of the beauty industry, creating multi-tasking, hard-working lipsticks for women all over the world; lipsticks that combined beauty, art and science to create the best products around. In fact, every lipstick sold was ‘inspired by the streets of Paris’ and ‘created by the most famous cosmetic artist in the world’, Helena Rubinstein herself.


The Helena Rubinstein vision has always been the same; to help women care for their skin better with quality products. And lipstick is no exception to this. The key words in mind during the creation of each product were ‘intense color’, ‘shine’ and ‘hydration’. Considered a pioneer in the beauty industry, she developed vibrant colors, inspired by her numerous visits to catwalk shows throughout her career.

In 1937, she created the 1 dollar lipstick. The Costume Lipsticks range came in 7 different colors. Her goal? To give women more choice, and at the same time feel great. Always listening to her client’s suggestions, Helena Rubinstein was well aware of the fact that women liked to change their look and experiment with color. She wanted to give them the chance to wear glamorous lipsticks that matched their individual tastes and style.

To give her lipstick line an extra edge over its competitors, Helena Rubinstein named each of her lipsticks after an exotic location, inspiring women to travel and discover. Women were able to apply their lipstick in their own bathroom and be transported to a totally different country or town.

Conscious of the fact that her customer’s needs were constantly changing, Helena Rubinstein ensured that her products were up to date and in-line with the demands of the modern woman. Women began to work more and needed makeup that worked equally as hard as they did. Helena Rubinstein encouraged them to ‘experiment and try lots of different shades and colors’. She gave useful advice and tips such as ‘your lip color all depends on your line of work and what you do throughout the day. Will you be staying indoors, or spending more time outside?’, a first for the beauty industry. Women started to choose their lipsticks depending on their individual needs and requirements instead of using mass-market alternatives.


In the late 20th century, lipstick became the number one beauty product women couldn’t live without.  Helena Rubinstein was famously quoted as saying ‘lipstick is an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe’.

Much more than a simple piece of makeup, lipstick soon became a sought-after, desirable product with luxurious packaging encasing the lip color inside. Sumptuous colors ranging from delicious golds and cool silver hues made the Helena Rubinstein lipstick range a real work of art, beautiful to look at. The feminine, curved tubes ensured that each and every lipstick was just as stunning on the outside as the inside product.


Today, the Wanted Rouge range continues to attract women across the globe and is available in 17 different shades. Each woman can find her signature color and wear her hydrated, shapely pout with pride.

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