Japanese beauty secrets

With their unique skin texture and flawless complexions, Japanese women are envied by women all over the world for their impeccable skin. Discover their beauty secrets to reveal healthier skin and see remarkable results on the whole body.

The purifying steam bath

The Japanese believe that sweating eliminates toxins from the body and relaxes the mind, which is why purifying steam baths are so popular. Taking a hot steam bath can help boost metabolism whilst releasing toxins from the body.

In Japan, bathing is considered a relaxing treatment which should be performed after having already washed. The water should be quite hot, between 38 and 41°c, and you should remain in the steam bath for around 10-15 minutes. Before bathing, drink a cup of green tea or a few glasses of water which will help the release of toxins through sweating. After 15 minutes, the Japanese step out of the purifying steam bath and relax by lying down in a dry towel for a few minutes whilst the sweating comes to a halt. The final step is to boost the metabolism by rinsing the body in an icy shower.

Rice powder face mask

Renowned for its mattifying and oil-absorbing action, the Japanese rice powder face mask is a beauty secret that has been handed down from one generation to the next. Results are instant and visible when applied regularly. The rice powder mask refreshes the skin whilst leaving it smooth and comforted.

Start by mixing together a tablespoon of organic rice flour and milk. The consistency should be paste-like and not too sloppy. Next heat a tablespoon of sesame seed oil in a bain-marie for a few seconds. Be careful not to burn your skin! Apply the oil to the face and then apply a thick layer of the rice powder and milk mixture on top.

Aware of the skin benefits of rice powder, Helena Rubinstein is currently developing a new skincare range inspired by these Japanese beauty rituals.

" Layering, secret de beauté des Japonaises " by author Elodie-Joy Jaubert

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